Julio Guridy For Mayor Logo

Economic Prosperity for ALL Improved Quality of Life Integrity and Honorable Office

Economic Prosperity for ALL

1. Economic Development

2. Incentives for new businesses

3. A City Hall that’s fair for ALL


Improved Quality of Life

1. Public Safety

2. Accountability for ALL

3. A clean city

4. Recreation for our youth

5. Rehabilitation of our blighted properties in the city

Honorable Office

1. Integrity within City Hall

2. High-quality services for ALL residents

3. One-stop-shop for new businesses

4. Create a strategy for a strong fund balance

Councilman Julio Guridy is the Mayor Allentown has been waiting for!

Lorenzo White 2/9/2021

We welcome a true leader to take the most honorable seat in Allentown.

Angel Figueroa 2/9/2021